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sevenhelz ([personal profile] sevenhelz) wrote2015-12-31 10:49 pm
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"Smug techie"

 I use "smug techie" as a fairly specific term, so I'd better explain:

There's a habit amongst code monkeys who have an interest in security to hold in disdain people who don't use relatively basic security measures like friends-only options &c

There's a habit amongst techies to look down on people who find it difficult to grasp new systems or new gadgets

There's a tendency of smug techies to complain amongst themselves about the way things are used, which every single time puts the responsibility in the hands of the end user to understand the security implications of everything they do, even when using an unfamiliar system or gadget

There's a related tendency of smug techies, should they deign to lower themselves to actually help the layperson with a system, to append some comment that makes the layperson feel stupid, because apparently it was obvious all along

I understand that at a high level of any given skill, it's difficult to see how bright people who you get along with can't immediately grasp everything that you already know. But the thing is, not only are people not omniscient or telepathic, they also have different aptitudes, and may not have had need for the knowledge you are imparting previously. It may also be difficult to engage with something new and potentially complicated. Have some patience and don't be so bloody smug.

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