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Breaded Chicken

Wow, this is tasty. It started out as a joke, in protest of how if I want the right breaded chicken in, telling somebody or writing it down isn't good enough - I have to buy it myself. When I'm ill that isn't an option, so our freezer is full of shit I don't want to eat. Anyway.

You will need:
an oven
a tray
chicken breasts
sliced bread
juice of a lemon (or multiple lemons)
balsamic vinegar, preferably a fruit variety
tomato puree
herbs, black pepper, perhaps salt

Do this:
Put the chicken on the tray.
Smear all the stuff on the bread.
Put the bread on the chicken, stuff side down.
Cook it in the oven.

Please note the bread comes out tastier than the chicken. Also for Posh Occasions (like Tuesdays) you could certainly add some booze.
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Oooo that sounds nummy